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Done with the real Mafia? Need a new mob fix? Crime Opera: The Butterfly Effect will let you strengthen the familial bonds. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch, Crime Opera: The Butterfly Effect is the latest visual novel to come from the easteasiasoft team, delivering a complex yet highly effectual tale that is sure to draw you in. 

Priced at £8.39, Crime Opera follows the tale of Gerald and Xander as their mother passes away suddenly. It is here where you’ll find yourself following the lives of the two sons as they look to take over the family business and take on new ventures for themselves. But as with any Mafia tale, you should expect the worst – murders, kidnappings and a total life of crime. 

Taking on a visual and gameplay style that is about as far removed form the most significant of Mafia tales, Crime Opera: The Butterfly Effect will deliver a beautiful art style, whilst the overall experience can be customised to your needs – if you’re looking to read it as a kinetic novel, you can, but you can also make choices that will impact the story. 

Features include:

  • See through the eyes of 6 children born into a world of crime.
  • Explore an intricate narrative across 24 chapters.
  • Decide whether to play with or without choices that impact story.
  • Enjoy beautifully illustrated backdrops and character sprites.

The trailer below will give a decent insight into how Crime Opera will play out. Give it a watch and then head to the Xbox Store or Nintendo eShop in order to grab your download. 

Keep an eye out for our full review of Crime Opera: The Butterfly Effect on Xbox. It’s coming soon. 

Game Description:

Explore a tale of loyalty, deceit and murder through the eyes of a Mafia family’s children. Following the sudden death of a mafia family’s matriarch, her sons Gerald and Xander are put on the defensive as former partners threaten to take over their collective business ventures for themselves. See through the eyes of the Gallo children as they witness murders, kidnappings and other crimes wrought upon their households by their own fathers. Crime Opera explores both the strength and frailty of familial bonds, presenting its narrative in beautifully illustrated style. Customize your experience by deciding to read straight through it like a kinetic novel or make choices that impact the story like a visual novel. Either way, this complex and effectual tale is bound to grip you from beginning to end as a life of crime spirals out of control.

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