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It’s time to pit one robot against alien scum as McDROID launches on Xbox One and PS4.

The action/sci-fi tower defense title can be picked up for a measly £6.39 and after a hugely successful launch of Steam, promises to be a decent little experience on console. With GRIP Digital behind it, we’d be surprised if it wasn’t.

“When you mix creativity, tough action, gorgeous art style and lots of humor – you get McDROID. One of the most unique Tower Defense action games you can find in this part of the galaxy! We are proud of the game and can’t wait to see it in the hands of players on PS4 and Xbox One,” says Jakub Mikyska, co-founder and CEO of Grip Digital.

Game Description:

After crash-landing on a lush planet infested by aliens, you find yourself having to repair your spaceship and fight off the aliens in order to get back home in this hectic mix of action and tower defense genres. Take control of the cute McDroid, shoot aliens, build up your base and defenses, harvest resources and make crazy sci-fi weapons, as swarms of alien enemies come at you, wave after wave, corrupting the ground around and even using your own resources against you. Explore each level, find secrets, fight huge bosses and heal the planet. McDroid is a game for players of all ages who are looking to test their wits and flex their trigger fingers. Features: – Story campaign where you have to heal the planet of the alien corruption – Challenging Survival levels – Numerous weapons to research

If you are after the Xbox One version of McDROID, then we advise you to make your way to the Xbox One Games Store now. Obviously, that isn’t any use to PS4 players, but I’m sure they’ll know where to go 🙂

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