If you’re looking for some fast fun, then keep on reading as McDroid aims to deliver the goods when it drops onto Xbox One and PS4.

Originally released on Steam, the developers Elefantopia have joined forces with GRIP Digital  to bring McDroid to console. With Grip behind the likes of Tower of Guns, chances are the console arrival will be a more than decent affair.

McDroid is Tower Defense, but not as you know it. You star as the brave robot McDroid himself after crashlanding on a blooming distant planet overrun by villainous alien forces. It’s your job to get back home by repairing your spaceship, and fighting the bug-eyed baddies who are determined to stop you! You’ll build your own bases and defend them against the world-killing alien hordes, harvesting mind-expanding space weapons and sci-fi resources to help you in your quest.

It’ll come fully equipped with a story mode that is packed with challenges, plus a number of bonus survival levels which will really test your capabilities.

Jakub Mikyska, CEO of GRIP Digital, says “McDroid has been gaining huge positive feedback since it launched on Steam, and it’s a great pleasure for GRIP to be spreading the intergalactic challenge across to Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles.”

You’ll be lovin’ it!



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