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There doesn’t seem to be much new about what Dungeon Color is offering up – navigate your way through a number of dungeons, grab some coloured keys, open some coloured gates and be whisked away by a coloured end-of-stage portal. But you know what? We’re totally sold. 

Coming from the QUByte Interactive team (a squad who are fast making a name for themselves with multiple cheap and cheerful games – Fluffy Cubed, The Humans), Dungeon Color will see you dropped in to some ever-increasingly tricky to navigate dungeons, leaving you to work out the best route to safety. 

It’s priced at £3.29 (instant sell really) and will see you helping a little golem guy fill himself up with the finest of energies. It’s these which are hidden away in the levels at hand, with keys, doors and flames of various colours ensuring that the pathway is not also a clear one. 

A simple but delightful little artstyle helps push Dungeon Color to levels that we maybe didn’t initially believe it could hit, and whilst we’re still waiting on a full review, we’ve some serious hopes that this one can be a bit of an underground hit. QUByte games are very hit or miss – some absolutely nailing what is required of it. Hopefully Dungeon Color is one of those. 

Stay tuned for that review, but for now you’ll find the download you are after over at the Xbox Store

Game Description:

Dungeon Color is a top-down puzzle game, where you switch between flames in order to achieve the rainbow flame in each room. Interact with colors and Switch between flames to match each door. Every door only opens when you are with its respective color. Many obstacles! Every obstacle changes the way you look at the entire room, so be careful with where you touch and melt your brain finding new solutions. Get to the rainbow flame! Your little golem just wants to be filled with the energy from the biggest flame, so get the job done and find your way through each room.

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