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If I gave you only eight letters and a full crossword puzzle to solve without any clues, you would surely tell me it was impossible. If I told you that by completing it you would earn lots of Gamerscore, I think a fair few of you would jump at the opportunity. Roundout by POWGI is out now on Xbox and PlayStation – with a Nintendo Switch release coming soon – and offers you that same incentive. But trust me, it is easier than it sounds.

Continuing their trend of offering puzzle games that are a little bit different like One Word by POWGI, Lightwood Games have today released Roundout. Players are given a crossword puzzle to solve, but all the solutions can be found in a Word Wheel beneath it. There are no traditional crossword clues to help you, only that every word can be made from a selection of eight letters. There are plenty of overlapping words however, that should make things a little bit easier as you progress

But if you manage to find a word from the eight letters that isn’t in the grid don’t panic, as it counts as a Bonus Word. So, all those rude words your warped mind can find are still rewarded, just in their own unique way.

And if you are that way inclined, Roundout by POWGI offers plenty of easy Gamerscore. Best of all though, it is a pun-tastic game full of hundreds of puns to keep you sniggering under your breath. Or tut whilst rolling your eyes, if you are that way inclined.

Need further convincing, check out our review right here.

Available to download from the Xbox Store right now priced at £6.69, Roundout by POWGI on Xbox works on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. If you are yet to try any of the “by POWGI” games on Xbox, this one is guaranteed to get your brain ticking over and could be great fun for the whole family this festive season. Let us know in the comments if you will be downloading it!

Game Description:

The latest POWGI game is a mash-up of two popular word puzzles. It’s a kross between Word Wheel and Kriss Kross. Yes, it wheely is! Roundout takes the fast and satisfying word-forming action of Word Wheel and gives it a new, visible goal to work towards. Plus, a free bad joke with every puzzle solved!

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