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Neverwinter’s Jewel of the North update now available on Xbox and PlayStation


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We’ve recently seen the conclusion of Neverwinter’s Sharandar module but that doesn’t mean the Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios teams are letting their players take it easy. Oh no, as now we find the next major update to Neverwinter arrive on Xbox and PlayStation – the Jewel of the North. 

Having rolled out onto PC a few weeks back, Jewel of the North comes to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PS4 today, bringing with it a host of new opportunities for both veteran and newbie players alike. There’s a new class for starters and alongside the arrival of the multi-skilled Bard come a ton of QOL improvements, the streamlining of the leveling system and more. 

It could be said that now is as good a time as any to join the Neverwinter fray on Xbox and PlayStation, particularly as the Bard is now in place. This has been inspired by the popular Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition class archetype and Neverwinter adventurers who choose the Bard get to become daring heroes who possess the ability to weave magic into their swords, inspire allies with music, manipulate minds, and heal wounds. You will find that the Bard stands out due to its Perform Mode that lets them play a variety of songs that can enhance, heal, or hurt their targets, and its Free Perform Mode in which Bards can use their equipped instrument to freely create and play their own songs for other adventurers to enjoy.

Alongside that is the new streamlined leveling system which follows the beloved system found in Dungeons & Dragons, the max level cap in Neverwinter has transitioned from level 80 to level 20. This allows new and returning players to reach epic-level content much faster (in approximately 10-12 hours) and gives veteran adventurers the option to quickly level up their alternate characters.

Additionally, other notable improvements have been geared towards providing a greater experience for all adventurers include the new Adventures feature, two new locations (the Adventurer’s Guild and Training Room) and revamped tutorials and early game performance improvements. 

In all, expect the key features of the Jewel of the North update for Neverwinter on Xbox and PlayStation to include:

  • New Bard Class – Inspired by the iconic and multi-skilled Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition class, the new class for Neverwinter weaves together quick, deadly swordplay and powerful magical ballads into an orchestra of destruction for enemies and boons for themselves and allies. The class offers two unique Paragon Paths for players to choose from:
  • Songblade – Charming swashbucklers who dispatch their foes in style with swordplay, magic, and music. This path is for those who want to be close and mid-range damage dealers, and who want to make use of dramatic spells and supporting songs to enhance their natural combat ability.  
  • Minstrel – Master musicians who support allies from afar with songs of bardic inspiration. These healers can also use music to create psychic attacks and illusions.
  • New Streamlined Leveling System – Following the beloved system found in Dungeons & Dragons, the max level cap has transitioned from level 80 to level 20, making it easier for all adventurers to experience the many adventures available within the Forgotten Realms in Neverwinter.  
  • New Adventures Feature – A new and intuitive way to play through content, track progress, and get some great rewards. The Adventures feature allows adventurers to know what to explore and experience next as they continue their epic journey.
  • Major Quality of Life Improvements: All adventurers can prepare and be ready for their many adventures thanks to the following new improvements:  
    • Two New Locations:  
  • The Adventurer’s Guild – Located in Protector’s Enclave, the guild serves as place for all the greatest adventurers to meet, train, and claim their hard-earned rewards. 
  • The Training Room – A special demiplane created by the wizards of the Adventurer’s Guild where adventurers can hone their skills and explore combat systems using a variety of modifiers.  
  • Revamped Tutorialization – New tutorials, messaging and visuals have been added for new and returning adventurers to better understand what it takes to be a true adventurer in Neverwinter.
  • Neverember Recruitment Event – During Neverember’s Recruitment event, any new characters who log in during this event will earn extra rewards, such as rare mounts and companions, while leveling as well as Neverember Incentives, which can be exchanged for account-wide rewards.

But that’s not all and anyone keen to take a trip to the Xbox Store will discover a free DLC pack kicking around there too. The new Beginnings Xbox Promo Pack is certainly a mouthful in terms of title, but it’s free to download and will see you gifted with no less than 200 ZEN and both the Bard Hairstyle (Male) and Long Layered Hairstyle (Female). If you’re a Neverwinter player, there’s absolutely no reason why you wouldn’t get this downloaded. 

As always, you’ll need the base game of Neverwinter in place to enjoy these new additions. Grab yourself a copy for free from the Xbox Store if you haven’t yet done so. 

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