If you like rhythm games and are partial to running down ribbons of light, then there is quite possibly nothing better than Aaero. And today the addition of some brand new DLC sees the game just push on once more.

Available right now is the Monstercat Pack DLC for Aaero. Priced up at £3.99, the latest content addition for Aaero brings three brand new tracks into play, all of which come from under the mighty Monstercat label. They include the following and should be of serious interest to anyone loving Aaero or electro-dance…

  • Muzzy – Outsiders (ft. Charlotte Haining)
  • Feint – We Won’t be Alone (ft. Laura Brehm)
  • Protostar – Echoes of the Past

If you haven’t yet checked out Aaero and wish to know what all the fuss is about, then make sure you do yourself a favour and grab a little read of our review. It really is as good as it looks, delivering some stunning tunes, brilliant visuals and gameplay mechanics to die for. With various DLC additions having hit the game since its original launch, with further ships and previous content drops from 1000DaysWasted already available, it’s obvious that not only has the love been shown from gamers around the globe, but the development team at Mad Fellows are continuing to ensure that it is at the forefront of the rhythm gaming scene.

Get yourself over to the Xbox Store in order to grab the Monstercat DLC Pack right now. If somehow the music doesn’t sell it, perhaps the promise of new environments, enemies, secrets and those glorious Achievements will!

DLC Description:

Play 3 new tracks from the mighty Monstercat label. Muzzy – ‘Outsiders (ft. Charlotte Haining)’ Feint – ‘We Won’t be Alone (ft. Laura Brehm)’ Protostar – ‘Echoes of the Past’ Dive back into the world of Aaero with all new environments, new enemies, achievements and secrets to discover.

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