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New DLC packs bring tons of colour to your Anno 1800 Console Edition city building


anno 1800 console edition dragon garden pack
The Dragon Garden pack in Anno 1800 Console Edition looks stunning

When Anno 1800 Console Edition arrived on Xbox and PlayStation back in March, it opened up a whole new world of city building, with opportunities galore sitting at our fingertips. Today the options increase again, with the arrival of some new DLC packs that add a ton of colour. 

Yep, you read that right, DLC packs, plural, for today we find a couple of new options popping up on the Xbox Store, building out the Anno 1800 Console Edition base game in all new ways. 

Having proved to be a rousing success upon launch on Xbox a couple of months back – so much so that we threw a 4/5 review score onto Anno 1800 Console Edition as we played on Xbox Series X|S – it’s not time todrop back in to the city builder, with the introduction of the Anno 1800 Dragon Garden Pack and Anno 1800 Fiesta Pack. 

There are already tons of DLC options on the market, readying themselves to help you enjoy Anno 1800 Console Edition as much as possible, but should you have a little cash to spare and are looking for interesting new features, the Dragon Garden Pack and Fiesta Pack should be suit. 

What do the new packs bring?

Both are priced at £3.99 with the Dragon Garden Pack adding in new dragon-themed gardens to the game, allowing you to create stunning markets, utilise new wall systems and to ensure that your residents get the chance to ensure their wishes come true. Included in the pack are the following features…

  • – Let your residents tie their dearest dreams and wishes to the wishing trees.
  • – Use the new wall system to separate your stunning districts and gardens from other parts of the city.
  • – Build beautiful market areas where your residents can celebrate Lunar New Year all day long.

Alongside that is the Fiesta Pack. This time around you’ll get the festival vibes hitting home, with new systems that build on flower beds, streetlights, new festival stalls and more. with fountains and statues front and centre, the features of the Anno 1800 Fiesta pack are:

  • – Delight your citizens with new fountains and statues, and use gorgeous palm trees, vibrant trees, and cacti to make your cities greener.
  • – Build the culinary festival of your dreams with a variety of new stalls.
  • – Take advantage of three new systems to embellish your cities further including a wall system, tropical flower beds, and festival streetlights.

How to play Anno 1800 Console Edition and the new DLC?

You’ll need a copy of Anno 1800 Console Edition to hand in order to make the most of these two new packs, but from there you can grab the Dragon Garden and Fiesta options from the Xbox Store – bold links above will whisk you straight to the relevant page. 

With Anno 1800 Console Edition included in the recently release Ubisoft+ subscription service, there should be no reason why you don’t get involved. The game is available on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. If you’re running older gen consoles likes Xbox One and PlayStation 4, you’ll be out of luck here as the game is not playable on those consoles.

Dragon Garden Description:

With the Anno 1800™ Dragon Garden Pack, create vibrant lucky dragon–themed gardens and districts in your metropolises with stunning new ornaments.

Fiesta Description:

Increase your cities’ visual diversity by changing the looks of your marketplaces and churches with stunning new skin variations!

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