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It didn’t take long for developers and publishers to understand that providing Xbox gamers with easy to grab achievements and Gamerscore was a surefire way of selling their game. Forget the quality, forget the premise, if a game comes to market that allows for some super quick, super easy Xbox Gamerscore, us players lap it up. We’re sure there’s more to the release of Peepaw’s Farm on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Win10 then just adding to our ever-increasing Gamerscore collection, but when something arrives at such a low price, and offers up a cool 1000G for a few minutes work, it’s hard to ignore it. 

Peepaw’s Farm is available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Created and pushed to market by the Icon Games team, this is a title that adds a new option into the farming genre – albeit one with a difference. 

You see, for just £4.19 Peepaw’s Farm places you in the mud-covered boots of an old farmer; an old farmer who just hates farming. Perhaps it’s the early morning get-ups, the 3am alarm calls, or the need to go out in all weathers that has made him hate the life so much. 

But farm is what you must do, and that means getting your hands dirty, feeding your pig, and watching your eggplant grow. 

These are the staples of any farmer’s life and Peepaw’s Farm condenses that down into bit-sized chunks – the 10-minute story here is all you’ll need to take in. With a Hard Mode kicking around after that, giving the opportunity for you to prove yourself in the farming world by completing all the challenges set in one playthrough, you can at least double that time. 

But it’s the achievements and Gamerscore that we can’t get our head around, and for just a few minutes work, you should well be seeing your numbers rise by a cool 1000G. Yep, 1000G for just a few minutes work AND for so a low asking price? Peepaw’s Farm is immediately sold. 

We’ll do the usual and get a full review of Peepaw’s Farm out there for you in the days ahead, just to prove that there is more to this game that being a delightful easy achievements giver. Keep an eye out for it. 

If you’re sold though, if you have a Gamerscore challenge running with some mates – not that we’d ever find ourselves in a race like that, honest! – or if you just want to experience life as a farmer once again, the purchase and download of Peepaw’s Farm on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S can be grabbed from the Xbox Store. It’s available on Windows 10 too.

Let us know if you pick it up. The comments are below. 

Game Description:

Peepaw’s Farm is the ULTIMATE way to experience life as a farmer that hates farming. Get your hands dirty, feed your ungrateful pig, and grab your eggplant – all in a day’s work.

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