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Middle of the month equals free Xbox games. We know the deal, you know the deal. Let’s get stuck into the Games with Gold mid-September 2022 switch-up, which sees the final Xbox 360 games with gold ever!

That’s right, as of next month the Games with Gold – games that are free for Xbox Gold members to download throughout the month – will be titles unplayable on Xbox 360 so, for those looking to throw it back to such golden times, you’ll be hoping for some remasters thrown your way, or will have to pay up for those titles that are backwards compatible.

At the start of the month, Xbox fans were treated to Gods Will Fall, a 2021 roguelike title that just so happens to be, in our humble opinion, one of the best around. Just check out our full review, headed by a blaring ‘4.5/5’ score for developers Clever Beans to write home about. For those who haven’t picked it up, Gods Will Fall is still free on Xbox, and will be until the end of the month.

However, Thrillville, a LucasArts theme park simulator from way back in 2006, is now unfortunately off the roster for Games with Gold. If you wish to pick this one up, in which you build and experience your own theme park adventures, that’ll now set you back £8.99.

But what you are all here for is knowing which two games get the green light for going free to download from today. Well, let me tell you that one of these titles is a real doozy! 

Firstly is Double Kick Heroes, a 2020 release that is certainly not to be scoffed at, not least for those metalheads amongst you. DKH is a rhythm-based pixelated side-scrolling shooter that sees a bunch of heavy metal fanatics facing off against a zombie apocalypse, by ingeniously connecting their drum kit to heavy weaponry, combining blood-churning sounds with blood-squirting zeds. Double Kick Heroes is now available to download free of charge from the Xbox Store (until October 15th), so get at it right now!

Yet the final Xbox 360 title from Games with Gold – after all these years – might possibly be the best yet. Portal 2 is now available for free on Xbox, and this one needs no introduction. Sitting at the top of many ‘best puzzle game’ charts, Portal 2 sees the return of series protagonist Chel as she attempts to, once again, escape Aperture Science. Expect some fiendishly-difficult but always satisfying portal-based puzzles to be complemented by some of the best writing in gaming. Seriously, can we get Stephen Merchant back to voice even more characters?! Portal 2 can be picked up for free from today until the end of the month – that’s two weeks you get in order to hit the download button.

There we have it: it’s the end of the Xbox 360 era for Games with Gold, yet there’s no sign of the free games letting up as they transition to Xbox One and Series X|S onwards. With Double Kick Heroes and Portal 2 going gold today, it’s safe to say September ‘22 has been a decent month all round. Which will you be playing through as the days get shorter? Let us know in the comments below and on our using social media channels.

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1 month ago

give us xbox players portal 2 back on xbox game pass plz