powerslave exhumed

Thanks to the Nightdive Studios and Throwback Entertainment teams, Powerslave is Exhumed as the classic 1990s shooter is revamped for Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC. And yes, there’s more than a hint of old-school DOOM about this one.

Available to purchase and download right now, Powerslave Exhumed is Nightdive’s latest attempt at bringing some old classics back to the front of the scene, following on from Shadow Man: Remastered

It’s priced at £16.74 and brings the original PlayStation and good old Sega Saturn classic kicking and screaming into the modern gaming era. This means that whilst Nightdive and Throwback are pushing out what can only be best described as the original game, it will have a load of quality of life improvements included. These come in the form of widescreen visuals, 4K resolution, SMAA anti-aliasing and anisotropic texture filtering – and yes, we don’t know, nor particularly care what those latter two things really are. 

What we do know and care about is that Powerslave Exhumed is well set up for the console life, with achievements on Xbox and PC, Trophy support on PlayStation and pretty much what you would expect of a game to release in this era. 

If you’re not familiar with the game, then it will whisk you off to the Egyptian city of Karnak, just about as the aliens have landed, threatening to takeover the world. It’s up to you as a special forces agent to put a stop to that. 

The key features include:

  • First Person Viewpoint Action
  • 20 Plus Levels of Non-stop gameplay through an ancient Egyptian city and the tomb of the Pharaoh Ramses
  • Real time fully 3D rendered gameplay allows you to move between floors within a single level
  • Cross bridges and swim through underwater grottos With just a machete to start, search for 6 other weapons including hand grenades, a flame thrower, an M-60 machine gun, and a magical cobra staff.
  • Dynamic lighting creates stunning visual effects.

We’re currently hands-on with this Exhumed version of Powerslace, playing on Xbox Series X|S in hope of getting a review out there. Stay tuned for that but if you wish to grab a copy of the game for yourself, will find the Xbox Store providing the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S goods. 

Powerslave Exhumed is on PS4, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch as well as those Xbox consoles. 

Game Description:

PowerSlave: Exhumed is a KEX Engine port of the classic console game perfectly blending both the PlayStation & Saturn versions Destination: The ancient Egyptian city of Karnak. Alien forces possessing horrifying powers have sealed off the once thriving community from all outside contact. As a covert operations specialist, you have been trained for all forms of contingencies. Nothing can prepare you, however, for the nightmare you are about to enter…

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