Breakout: Recharged Xbox

With a back catalogue as iconic as Atari, there will be no shortages of candidates for their Recharged series. So far, we have had Centipede, Black Widow and Asteroids. This fourth instalment rounds off the first load of announcements, but we know that will not be the end. To round out this first batch, Breakout: Recharged is now available on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC and Atari VCS.

Breakout is the classic and original brick-breaker. Using nothing but a paddle at the bottom of the screen you must keep a ball from the abyss beneath and destroy all the bricks on the screen. Your reward for doing so: more bricks on the screen. It’s simple, addictive and great fun. Which probably explains how the game has been around for almost 50 years.

In Breakout: Recharged, the fundamentals remain there but with some modern twists. Arcade mode has the Classic mode involving three lives. Other modes are now in place that bring with them some killer power-ups. Unlock homing missiles, multiballs and even rail guns to bring an all out offensive against those brick overlords.

Take on Arcade and Challenge mode with two players locally. Double the paddles, double the balls, double the fun.

Challenge mode will pose 50 brick-breaker challenges at you. Can you destroy all the bricks in time, reach a highscore or destroy only certain types of bricks? These challenges will test your brick-breaking skills to the max. And be warned, some of these bricks can now fire back.

Breakout: Recharged is available to download now priced at £7.99 on the Xbox Store. Whether you’ve yet to break a brick or have broken millions over your gaming career, our review promises something for everyone. You can read the rest of that here.

Have you picked up any of the other Recharged titles yet? As always, let us know in the comments below.

Game description

The grandfather of brick-breaking games is back with some of the toughest challenges yet! Breakout: Recharged steps up the excitement with a fresh coat of paint, exciting power-ups, and another original soundtrack from award-winning video game composer Megan McDuffee. Breakout: Recharged will forever change what you expect from a brick-breaking title. The endless arcade mode and 50 challenge levels will push you to the limit of your skills. Don’t fret, however, as this wouldn’t be a Recharged title without game-changing powerups. Expect the aid of rail guns, homing missiles, and explosives to join the traditional multi-ball. You’ll need every tool in the arsenal and razor-sharp reflexes to climb the global leaderboards.

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