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Prepare for the power of football as Konami detail and date PES 2019


Each and every year millions of gamers around the globe ask the same question… Which will be better, PES or FIFA? And each and every year the community is split. Will it be the same this year? Quite probably but if we take first shots as anything to go by, PES and Konami are going to be on to a winner.

Last year’s PES 2018 was quite possibly the best PES title for many a year, pushing the mighty EA and their FIFA series all the way in the quest for footballing glory. Chances are we’ll be seeing the same thing happen again and as Konami announce the August 30th 2018 release date for PES 2019, football fans should begin to get excited.

Its most exciting football game ever, PES 2019 will see Konami fulfil its licence commitments bringing more fully licensed leagues, stadiums, club partnerships and a whole host of Legends to the game than ever before. With FC Barcelona star and global ambassador Philippe Coutinho featured on this year’s cover, and a special David Beckham edition featuring a present-day version of one of England’s all-time greatest footballers, it is certainly kicking off in the right way.

PES 2019 will allow fans to experience lifelike player movement making PES 2019’s famed superior gameplay even greater as Beckham, Coutinho and more have their unique playing styles brought to life. Taking player individuality to the next level, and introducing a variety of new skill traits will ensure that you have the chance to create Magic Moments on the pitch – something which is now at the forefront of PES 2019’s gameplay.

Visible Fatigue will also play a part, and finding space in tough-to-break down opponents will take a twist as it makes an impact on both performance and behaviour. New shooting mechanics meanwhile will take into account improved ball physics, player and ball position, and player skills and shot styles which means that hitting the back of the net in PES 2019 will be more satisfying than ever before with new net physics and celebrations added. Team that with new crowd animations and we’ve got a recipe for something great.

You can also expect PES 2019 to ensure that the beautiful game has never looked better thanks to ‘Enlighten’ software for true-to-life visual effects and 4K HDR across all platforms. Real time ‘Global Illumination’ lighting and shadows has led to improved in-game graphics with better crowd detail, real grass textures and the return of the popular snow weather effect.

myClub will also see a revamp – its biggest to date – as a brand new player card design system leads a series of revolutionary changes to the way players build their squads. Those who enjoy myClub can also look forward to finding High Performance Players, including Legend Players and Players of the Week with temporarily boosted stats based on real world performances.

But that’s not all and Konami is also excited to continue its partnership with one of the world’s biggest pre-season football tournaments, International Champions Cup (ICC), with elements of it implemented into Master League. This will include a new negotiation system, living menus and realistic transfers, elevating the mode to new heights, whilst a new menu interface should bring a more modern look to the entire game.

“KONAMI has listened to the fans and has put their changes and suggestions at the forefront of what makes PES 2019 the best addition to the franchise yet,” commented Jonas Lygaard, Senior Director for Brand and Business Development at Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. “Our number one desire is to give the fans more of what they want and delivering it sooner than ever before. On August 30th, more licensed teams, more fully licensed leagues, and the continued improvement of PES’ superior gameplay. We believe in The Power of Football and that’s why PES 2019 will be our most powerful game yet, with 4K capabilities and improved player individuality bringing all aspects of football to life.”

So, stick the 30th August 2018 in your diaries as that is when Konami will be firing the first shots in the latest football gaming war. PES 2019 will be available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, with two physical editions covering the Coutinho and Beckham bases. A Legend Edition will also be available digitally.

Which side will you be supporting this year? FIFA or PES? Let us know in the comments below.

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