When a game actively warns you that it’s going to be a tough experience and to avoid engaging with it if you don’t want to swear a lot or smash your controller, you know that it’s probably a bit hellish. But those brave enough for the task presented by StickType will see them evolving a circle into a fully-fledged stick person on the epic journey to reach the top of a tower. Can you scale the tower successfully?

Don’t be fooled by the simplistic visuals of StickType, for underneath them lies an old school 2D platformer, which sees you gaining body parts and new abilities as you climb a mysterious tower. Throughout the 100+ rooms included across 10 levels, there’ll be numerous enemies and obstacles to overcome, with at least 50 hidden secrets to uncover. It may start off easy, but it won’t be long until the toughness comes to the forefront.

If you believe you posses the necessary skills and rapid finger actions to make it through the many rooms of StickType, it can be found at the super low cost of £2.49 on the Microsoft Store. To sweeten the deal, the one-man developer – Michael Palotas – is giving all proceeds to an animal charity.

That’s a win for everyone – except for your controller, of course!

Game Description:

All proceeds go to animal charity! WARNING: This game is going to be tough. DO NOT engage with this game if you only have one controller to smash, have neighbors who don’t like to hear cursing, or have a weak heart. Can you evolve from a simple circle to scale a tower and save…well, whoever is crying out for help at the top? Beneath the simple graphics lies an old-school, 2D platformer. -Find and evolve new forms and attacks that help you get past enemies and obstacles as you scale the tower -Many rooms, hidden secrets, and unlockable characters -Starts off easy and then ramps up the challenge. Hope you have quick fingers. -If you reach the top of the tower…well, is it the end of the game, or just the beginning?

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