You may well have previously dipped in and out of the manic world of X-Morph: Defense, but now, after numerous content packs have released, we see the arrival of the Complete Edition of the game on Xbox One.

X-Morph: Defense Complete Edition does pretty much what you may well expect it to do – it brings the complete version of X-Morph: Defense in to your life.

That means it delivers the base game that released back in 2017, as it combines tower defense mechanics with the fast paced elements of a top down shooter, along with all three DLC packs (European Assault, Survival Of The Fittest, Last Bastion), that have since released into one easy to handle package.

In fact, it may well be too good a deal for many to turn down. If truth be told though, it’s slightly disappointing to see the £23.99 price tag that is in place, especially at a time when the base game can be picked up for half-price. See, that means it is currently cheaper to buy X-Morph: Defense and then all the extra content bits separately instead of going all out with this bundle. Disappointing, but true.

That said, once the current discount is removed, and the pricing structure becomes a bit more stable, then this is when the Complete Edition of X-Morph: Defense comes into its own. And that is when you should be buying it.

But what is X-Morph: Defense all about? Well, it’ll have you playing the role of the X-Morph, an alien species who is attempting to invade Earth, mixing both top-down shooting and tower defense action in one. And from there on out, you’ll be given the chance to build alien towers, create mazes that draw in your enemies, and indulge yourself in nothing but a world of destruction.

For now, the link to the Xbox Store is right here, whilst our review of the game can be found on this link. Make sure you have a little read before splashing the cash.

Game Description:

X-Morph: Defense Complete Edition includes: X-Morph: Defense core game, European Assault DLC, Survival Of The Fittest DLC, Last Bastion DLC.

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