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The moon is sad, the stars are lost and the sky is pitch black; empty. Thankfully Ms. Rabisco is on hand to attempt to bring the shine back to this cute, yet highly dangerous world in Rabisco+.  

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch, Rabisco+ is the latest title to emerge from the Ratalaika Games stable, with them partnering with Viridino Studios to see release of the precision platformer on console. 

Rabisco+ runs at a price of £4.99, which puts it firmly in that Ratalaika category (we’d be highly surprised if this didn’t drop easy achievements and Gamerscore too!), providing gamers with a fun little diversion from everyday life as we attempt to help Ms. Rabisco recover the lost stars of the moon and ensure that light once more shines bright in the sky. 

Sold on the back of being a hardcore precision running and dodging platformer, Rabisco+ comes complete with 100 levels, more than 300 odd screens of intensity and a host of brilliant secrets. Pushed along by a Bossa Nova-inspired soundtrack and an art style which has been created in crayon, with immense colour and hand drawn lines, if you’re up for proving yourself as a bit of a gaming superstar, this should well be it. There’s even a speedrun mode included for those that wish to run that route.

We’re expecting Super Meat Boy Forever vibes from that pitch – keep an eye out for whether that is the case when our full review of Rabisco+ on Xbox drops. 

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You’ll find Rabisco+ from the usual Xbox, PlayStation and Switch stores. The game is playable natively on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, with PS4/PS5 cross-buy power and Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S Smart Delivery options ensuring it finds a place on all consoles. 

Let us know if you pick it up. 

Game Description:

The moon has become sad because her stars are lost, and now the sky is dark and empty. Help Ms. Rabisco to recover the moon’s lost stars and bring back the light to this cute but dangerous world. Immerse yourself in an adorable art style inspired by crayons, radiant colors, and hand-drawn lines. The Bossa Nova-inspired soundtrack complements the aesthetic to create a relaxing atmosphere. Rabisco offers hardcore difficulty with 20+ types of enemies and numerous interactive objects, including a speed run mode.


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