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Strangely, The Survivalists is all about surviving. And what’s the best way to do just that? Well, to get farming of course. And that’s exactly what Team17 are letting you do with the new free update.

Having given players the chance to utilise the power of the monkey and stay safe on a deserted island since back in October 2020, The Survivalists is today receiving a brand new update – free of charge – which introduces some new key mechanics. These mostly centre around the pleasure of farming and whilst we’d not expect anything as in-depth as found in the likes of Farming Simulator 19, the growth of new crops is a welcome one.

The new free Farming Update will let players plant and harvest crops, enabling them to create additional resources in the process. But whilst much that is grown will be welcomed, dangerous plants can be formed to create new defense mechanisms. What’s more, Monkeys can be taught to help with crops via the Monkey Mimic system.

That’s not all though and the free update also brings new structures, recipes, and items to aid your arable adventure, including a faster raft to make island-hopping more expedient. Team17 have also been keen to work on the combat and this has been overhauled too – you’ll find greater control over direction of attacks for more fluid fighting, whilst lunge and knockback changes have also been made, and stamina has been altered leaving players less likely to be worn out during combat and harvesting resources.

The update also includes new dyeing and weapon benches, a grindstone for weapon improvements, net and fish traps, a refuse pit to destroy items, and new water and cosmetic features. In all, loads of stuff for zero outlay. We like!

These changes come about via the acknowledgement of community feedback and should help The Survivalists stay fresh going forward. It’s been available on PC through Steam for a while already but is now moving out to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and Nintendo Switch folk. Just fire up your base game and await the update.

Check out the trailer below to see how all this plays out. And if you haven’t yet given The Survivalists a go, head over to your favoured digital store (Xbox Store is here) and grab a download.

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