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Rock Zombie gets a confirmed Xbox One release date



We told you previously how EnjoyUp Games promised to bring the latest ‘Rock’ title to Xbox One, well today we can confirm it’s release date!

Arriving on Xbox One come 4th December 2015, Rock Zombie asks a simple question…What would happen if a female rock band’s concert was invaded by a horde of zombies?

Well EnjoyUp seem to think it’ll be something along the line of a modern day arcade title that tells a story through 300 comic strips! We’ll just have to roll with that thought until we manage to get our hands on a copy.

Features of Rock Zombie will include…

  • 20 levels filled with addictive action where you will fight all kinds of enemies, ride motorbikes, drive cars and much more.
  • A terrifying story told through 300 comic strips inserted between the action sections of the game.
  • Three awesome characters to choose from: Zoe, Sasha, and Crystal.
  • A wide range of weapons, costumes and concept art, and loads of unlockable collectible material at the Zombie Museum.
  • An OST that combines Hard Rock, Nu Metal and Alt Rock that will immerse you into a really dark and rainy urban atmosphere.

We will of course remind you when the time comes.



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