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For years Rust has been kicking around on PC, with Steam players rating it very positively since full release back in 2018. For some it is seen as the ultimate survival experience; for others, a complete drain of the hours in their life. Now though Double Eleven are expanding Rust to new horizons, transferring over the brutal nature to Xbox and PlayStation. 

Available right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PS4, Rust comes to console thanks to a combination of Double Eleven and Koch Media with both digital and physical options opening up to console players. 

No matter whether you have played Rust on PC previously, or are coming in to the competitive multiplayer survival experience fresh, you can be sure that the console move is one that will appeal – even more so when you consider that this is only ‘based’ on the PC version, with full optimisation for those preferring a controller over that of keyboard and mouse. 

Yep, Rust on console is a totally separate experience from that on PC, and honestly, we think that’s possibly for the best. Yet it can only be thanks to the original development team at Facepunch Studios for this to be a reality, as they’ve given Double Eleven dibs to crack on and create their own version of the game. 

Mark South, Chief Operating Officer at Double Eleven said, “Rust is and forever will be the baby and brainchild of Facepunch Studios, and we’re extremely grateful to be able to take what they’ve done and create our own console edition of their incredible game. Our Console Editions of Rust are certainly Rust as people know it, but under the hood – where we’ve spent the last few years – we’ve created an exceptional Rust experience designed for consoles and their players. We’re looking forward to hearing player feedback when fans can jump in later this spring.”

But what is Rust? Well, featuring up to 100 players, it sees you waking up on a mysterious post-apocalyptic island, one that is littered with oddities. From there, you’re left to your own devices, exploring the world, crafting, creating, collecting and well, whatever you decide to get on with really. 

With thirst and hunger at the fore, the elements consistently trying to take you down, and other players and AI foes present, Rust is something that is very brutal. But hey, if that’s the line you wish to take, it’ll let you, with deception and aggressive more than viable routes to take. And that’s where a range of weapon comes in too with rocks giving way to spears, which in turn will be thrown away for assault rifles and rocket launchers. 

Expect a steep learning curve here, but then, find some friends and Rust may become an altogether easier experience. You know what they say – strength in numbers and all that jazz. 

You can pick up a copy of Rust right now from the Xbox Store or PlayStation Store, depending entirely on whether you frequent the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S or PS4 consoles for your gaming needs. There are a variety of options present too – a Standard edition for £39.99 (which only becomes available from May 21st), the Deluxe edition for £49.99 (with 3-day early access and a new welcome pack) or the £69.99 Ultimate edition. It is this latter version which is massively appealing as not only does it include everything in the Deluxe version, but also throws in 1100 Rust Coins and the Elite Combat Skin pack. Gotta look good when you’re trying in vain to survive, eh!

Our full review of Rust on Xbox will be coming your way soon. Keep an eye out for it. And if you find us wandering the murky world of Rust alone, come say hi, we’d love to be your friend. Until such a time when we may need to dispatch of your services…

Game Description:

Welcome to Rust. The only aim in Rust is to survive – Overcome struggles such as hunger, thirst and cold. Build a fire. Build a shelter. Kill animals. Protect yourself from other players.

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