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Most people know that city builders can be quite overwhelming on consoles, but Cities: Skylines is proof that it’s possible to make the jump from PC and feel just as great. The latest title to attempt such a feat, The Colonists, will be hoping its redesigned controls and optimized UI ensures a similar success is achieved for those wishing to settle down with some cute robots. They really want your help building a settlement on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Developed by Codebyfire, Mode 7, and Auroch Digital, The Colonists aims to be a chilled out settlement building game that’s inspired by classics such as Anno and The Settlers. The idea is to aid a load of self-replicating, and cute, robots build their dream settlement. Upon escaping Earth, The Colonists are roaming the galaxy in search of a new place to call home.  With two separate missions paths in place to work towards, it lets you either create sprawling settlements in peace or race to compete against AI colonies in the more regimental and war-style winner-takes-all scenarios.

Whichever path you follow, each of these escapee bots have different roles to play as they try to simulate human civilisation. Their jobs could be harvesting crops, fishing at the lake, transporting resources, or even venturing out and discovering distant lands. Get ready to advance through three different Ages as your colony builds infrastructure by constructing various transport systems. On the whole though, you just need to make sure every robot works together if they’re going to achieve a kind of automated harmony. 

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Here’s a list of The Colonists’ main features:

  • Harvest: Gather Resources like wood, iron, stone, fish, and lots more.
  • Refine: Turn your resources into useful items, like bread, bricks, and planks
  • Build: Create homes, farms, and factories for your bots to live in and work on
  • Research: Advance technologies from steam trains to space rockets.
  • Expand: Increase the complexity and reap rewards as you chase productivity zen
  • Campaign: 14 missions split into separate peaceful and military branches
  • Sandbox Mode: Customise various game settings to play the game how you like
  • Challenge Trophies: Special speed-run challenges which test the most expert colony builders

Should you be eager to explore, research, manage, tweak and embrace the dreams of these bots, you’ll need to purchase The Colonists from one of the digital stores belonging to the aforementioned platforms. For us that means hitting the Xbox Store and paying the fee of £19.99 to own it. If you’re unsure about picking up The Colonists, feel free to hold tight until our upcoming review is ready to peruse.

Game Description:

The Colonists is a relaxing city building game inspired by classics like Anno and The Settlers. Help these cute robots build their dream settlement. Each bot has a job to fulfil, from harvesting crops and fishing at the lake, to transporting resources and discovering distant lands. You’ll advance through three different Ages as you build infrastructure for your colony by constructing road, boat and train transport systems. Help them work together to achieve automated harmony.


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