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Two hits for the hardcore players among you arrive on Game Pass today. They are Trek to Yomi (Console, Cloud and PC) and Citizen Sleeper (Console, Cloud and PC). 

If you’ve looked with envy at Ghosts of Tsushima, or wanted another hit of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, then you might want to take a look at Trek to Yomi. This is a Devolver Digital game, which almost guarantees a combination of stylish violence and top-quality thrills. Lo and behold, Trek to Yomi is a PEGI 18 with a threat of ‘extreme violence’.

This isn’t first-person like the games we mentioned, but is instead a side-on slash-em up, encouraging you to soak your katana in the blood of your enemies. It’s delivered in crisp black-and-white, giving it the timeless look of a Kurosawa movie.

You play as a young swordsman, Hiroki, who has vowed to protect his home town against any and all threats. But enemies are on all sides, and this lone samurai is going to have to contend with both internal and external obstacles if he is to keep the townsfolk safe. 

Swapping genres in a bit of tonal whiplash is Citizen Sleeper, which comes from the same Fellow Traveller publishing studio that has given us some of the most artful and interesting games of the past twelve months, including Kraken Academy!, Paradise Killer and Genesis Noir. 

Citizen Sleeper is an odd hybrid, bringing a heavy emphasis on narrative to the sci-fi sim, but with a sizable board game influence too. Every cycle you roll some dice and assign them to various actions across a space station that you have been placed in control of. As you would expect, there’s not enough time or dice to do everything, so you have to judge what is important to you. 

Choose wisely, and Erlin’s Eye, the ruined space station, will start to thrive again, and the thousands of people under your care will value your efforts. In turn, you can build relationships, earn your keep and make headway with the many factions on the station. 

We enjoyed Citizen Sleeper rather a lot, handing it a 4/5, saying “if you come into it with an open mind and a desire to just experience a new story, then Citizen Sleeper will provide you with several hours of engaging content. Just temper your expectations appropriately”.

May’s not done with us yet. Eiyuden Chronicle Rising (Console) and This War of Mine: Final Cut (Console and PC) are due on the 10th, Floppy Knights (Console and PC) and Headspace Shipbreaker (PC) ae arriving on the 24th, Sniper Elite 5 (Console, PC) on the 26th, and Pac-Man Museum+ (Console, PC) on the 27th. It’s a tidy little haul.

In terms of those leaving, May 15th signals the end of Enter The Gungeon (Cloud, Console, and PC), Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster (Console and PC), Remnant: From the Ashes (Cloud, Console, and PC), Steep (Cloud and Console), The Catch: Carp and Coarse (Cloud, Console, and PC) and The Wild at Heart (Cloud, Console, and PC).

So, Sleep or Death? Which did you choose? Let us know in the comments or on our social channels.

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