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We’re into Season 7 of Thunderful Publishing and Megagon Industries’ brilliant Lonely Mountains: Downhill and that means it’s time for the teams behind the game to introduce some additional features and ideas. And as Season 7 ‘Summer Strolls’ rolls out, a major update arrives in the form of all-new Daily Rides Modifiers.

Available from today for Lonely Mountains: Downhill on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS43, Nintendo Switch and PC, Season 7 Summer Strolls adds a host of new features, with summer-themed new outfits, and new game modes all becoming available thanks to the new Modifiers.

Whether you are a newbie to the world of the downhill riding that is present in Lonely Mountains: Downhill, or a veteran who has honed their skills over previous seasons, Season 7 is the most exciting yet as it switches up the Daily Rides gameplay.

This new update adds in new Modifiers that give experienced riders novel and unexpected ways to get them out of their comfort zone. It’ll mean you get the opportunity to play completely new trail layouts with the Changed Checkpoint modifier, make a 720 trick with the Better Flying Control modifier or jump on the overpowered Super Bike and race down the mountain like never before. And if you feel like that isn’t enough, the mind-twisting Mirror Modifier will put your knowledge of each course to the test.

In fact, a new surprise awaits players each day with the new additions to Lonely Mountains: Downhill, as a randomly selected modifier combination will be added to the chosen Daily Rides Trail, making them a literal game changer.

Some of the features that Thunderful and Megagon are promising include…

  • Mirrored Mode – the trail is horizontally mirrored, challenging everyone who already knows all the trails by heart
  • New Obstacles and Short Cuts – new obstacles will keep you on your toe or allow you to use new and unexpected short cuts
  • Changed Checkpoints – checkpoints have been moved, removed and/or added so you need to find completely new shortcuts and routes
  • Unlimited Sprinting – Infinite stamina, so sprint as long as you want!
  • Better Flying Control – in mid air the player can rotate the bike faster, allowing some nice stunts
  • Double Bonus – twice as many season points gives an extra incentive to participate today
  • …and many more!

But that’s not all and Season 7: Summer Strolls also adds some beach-life outfits and accessories to the game, allowing you to dress your character in classic sunny season garb with 4 new outfits, a couple of backpacks and two helmets:

  • Beach
  • Sporty
  • Summer
  • Neoprene
  • Two cool backpacks: Surfboard and Yoga Mat
  • Two summer themed helmets: Cap and Straw Hat

If you’re unaware of what Lonely Mountains: Downhill is able to provide, check out our full review right now. It’s certainly a game that arrived on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC as an under-the-radar drop; one that has just got better and better with every season that has arrived.

Should you be wanting to throw yourself down a mountain, hoping that your bike skills are able to handle the obstacles ahead, you HAVE to play Lonely Mountains: Downhill asap. You’ll find it available from the digital stores for Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC – with the Xbox Store link right here. It’s on Xbox Game Pass too.

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