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Looking for a new test of the mind? Linn: Path of Orchards not only provides the eye candy, but the need to get the old grey matter working.

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Linn: Path of Orchards comes to console thanks to the team at Carbon Fire Studios to ensure that gamers set out of their usual way of puzzle thinking with a new world – the rotating world of Linn.

Priced at just £4.19, Linn: Path of Orchards sees you taking charge of Aban as she heads out to explore a wonderful sky temple. As a guardian of nature, Aban is most concerned with the world around her and with your help goes about trying to restore the Tree of Light – fail, and well, life in the world of Linn may well change forever.

What plays out is a tale that is brought together by some stunningly beautiful visuals as you work your way through no less than 56 stages of rotating puzzle madness, nailing objectives along the way. With the need for fast reactions, and a brain that can kick in to ‘puzzle mode’, there is seemingly much to love about Linn: Path of Orchards on Xbox One. And there is plenty of challenge too – no more so with some special night time stages that have been created specifically for the most hardcore of fans.

Features of Linn: Path of Orchards on Xbox One include:

  • Beautiful environments with a soft and relaxing soundtrack
  • 56 rotating levels to complete across 4 chapters each with unique visuals
  • 20 night levels to unlock, built for hardcore players
  • 3 challenging objectives to complete in each level

Our full review of Linn: Path of Orchards on Xbox One will be live for you in the next few days, but in the meantime the low asking price most certainly makes this a tempter. If you agree, the Xbox Store will sort you out with a download.

Game Description:

Step out of your conventional platforming habits and delve into the dynamic and rotating world of Linn, a modern puzzle platformer set in a fantastic and mysterious ancient world. You are in control of Aban, an exotic guardian of nature, on her journey through a lost sky temple. Help Aban on her divine mission to rejuvenate the ancient Tree of Light. Levels consist of treacherous dynamic platforms that make you rethink every move before you press any button. Completing each level needs both timely reactions and logical thinking.

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