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Are you ready to BEE the hero? Are you up for buzzing your way to Tower Beefense glory? You’ll be the queen of the hive with BeeFense BeeMastered. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC, BeeFense BeeMastered is the latest attempt to buzz some life into the Tower Defense genre; a genre which has struggled to keep on trend for a few years now. 

If anything can do it though, we reckon it could well be ByteRocker’s BeeFense BeeMastered if only as it attempts something a little different with its ideas, namely it chucks bees into the equation. 

The premise here is simple – protect your beehive fortress against the hornet menace, at all costs. It’s here where you’ll need to command your bees to get working on a variety of ideas, tactics and strategies, collecting Honeydew in order to build, improve and customise your defenses. With 26 levels included, those bees are going to have to go some to keep up with demand, but thanks to the remastering of visuals which now allow for all models and textures to be shown in full HD, they’ll never have looked better doing it. 

There’s even a little story to take in too, one in which your Queen Bee Nectarina attempts to save her colony, how the Hornet Queen and her army will do anything to destroy them, and how the Land of the Glowworms can be saved. Is a story needed in a TD title? Probably not but it’s nice to have.

Key features include:

  • NEW LEVELS: In a total of 26 levels, 6 of which are newly designed, we tell the story of Queen Bee Nectarina and her colony.
  • NEW TOWER UPGRADES: With Glow Ammo, you can now reveal enemies hidden in the shadows.
  • NEW GRAPHICS: Experience the world of BeeFense with fully remastered graphics FIGHT: Challenging tower defense gameplay with a thrilling storyline about the survival of a bee colony.
  • BUILD: Improve your defense strategy with 12 different tower features!
  • MANAGE: Use your bees to gather various resources to supply your colony and prepare for the next attack.
  • DEVELOP: Choose from a variety of upgrades and bolster your defenses.
  • SPECIAL TASKS: Complete certain challenges in each level to earn even more precious Honeydew.

Honestly though, it’s the bees we’re here for and are pretty sure you’ll agree. If you do and you fancy involving yourself with some new tower defense ideas, BeeFense BeeMastered is ready to draw you in. Just head to your favourite digital store and grab a download. You’ll find the game present on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC. It’s priced at £6.69 from the Xbox Store

Can you help save the bees? The world is counting on it. 

Game Description:

The bees are back… bigger, badder, better! Protect your beehive fortress against the hornet menace. After all, the best offense is a good BeeFense! Command your forces, manage your resources, and improve your defenses in increasingly challenging battles.

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