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We’ve previously seen Golf Peaks go down a storm on PC and Nintendo Switch, mixing golf with brain teasing puzzles. Now though that same game has come to Xbox, as it looks to play the finest shots on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Golf Peaks should well appeal to anyone – not just golf fans – as it looks to combine the tried and tested putting methods with some challenging puzzle structures. 

It’s priced at a mere £4.19 and tasks you with taking a little golf ball to an end-of-stage hole. But you won’t be hitting this ball in the usual manner and instead will utilise a host of strategic calls and action cards to get closer and closer to the hole. It’s a simple process, but the 120 odd levels that are in place promise to be far from that. 

With some simple but rather pleasing visuals, easy-to-learn game mechanics and a relaxing soundtrack that helps immerse, whether you’ve played Golf Peaks on other formats or are coming in fresh now that it has launched on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S matters little – just grab your clubs/cards and get that brain engaged. 

Key features include:

•     Challenging gameplay – complete over 120 levels and discover nine worlds.
•     Diversity – experiment with various block types.
•     Strategy – use cards to move the ball.
•     Soothing – minimalist visuals and a relaxing atmosphere.
•     Zero understanding of golf required!

We’ll be sure to drop a full review of Golf Peaks once we’ve got hands-on with what it can provide on Xbox. Keep an eye out for that but in the meantime you’ll find the download you need present and correct from the Xbox Store

Game Description:

Ditch your hiking gear, don your golfing cap and climb mountain peaks just by playing golf! No understanding of golf is required – just grab your controllers and conquer the mountain peaks by making your way to the hole, however not in the usual skill-shot based style. Instead, plan your strategy and use action cards to move the ball! Solve over 120 enjoyable yet challenging puzzles accompanied by relaxing music and minimalist, eye-pleasing graphics and conquer the summits! The title uniquely combines entertaining logic-game mechanics with an easy-to-learn card-based movement system, providing the player with numerous action cards. The minimalistic visuals accompanied by a relaxing soundtrack makes Golf Peaks a mind-soothing experience!

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