xbox games with gold march 2022

Even though it’s the Xbox Game Pass that is the central focus for many, there’s still love in the world for the freebies gifted the way of Xbox players through Games With Gold – so much so that much anticipation hits as the end of a month approaches and those Xbox Games With Gold freebies are confirmed. That’s the case today as we get word of the free games that will be gifted out throughout March 2022.

March 2022 follows on nicely from the freebies of February 2022 – a month that saw a highlight of the free Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield. This time around four more games will be freely downloadable, playable on Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, all provided you have a valid Xbox Live Gold membership to hand.

The highlight for us is the opportunity to play through the brilliant The Flame in the Flood once again. But the three that accompany may appeal to others. Those games in full will be…

In a month in which we’re fully expecting the Game Pass gods to ramp things up again, pushing out a ton of new titles to the scheme, there’s something lovely about being able to take home the proper freebies via Games With Gold. We’re looking forward to playing The Flame in the Flood again, but no matter which of the games you are interested in, make sure you download it – for free – as soon as you can. Hell, even if you’re not interested, you may as well add them to your digital library anyways.

As always, we’ll be sure to remind you when the second two games go free come Mid-March, but for now let us know what you think of the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for March 2022. The comments are below and we’re on the usual social channels.

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