games with gold september 2021

Darksiders. Yooka-Laylee. Lost Planet. Three games of the highest quality which have recently been given away via the Xbox Games With Gold scheme for August. Now though September is on the horizon and that means those freebies switch up. What do we have replacing them? Well, if you’re hoping for another stellar month of free Xbox games coming your way, you’re going to be disappointed. 

The Xbox Games With Gold scheme for September 2021 certainly doesn’t hit the heights of recent times, with four new free games that fail to really get the excitement levels moving. You see, on the back of August which was great, September deals with Warhammer, Mulaka, Zone of the Enders and Samurai Shodown. Yes, all decent games in their own right, but as it package it fails to enthuse. 

But anyways, free games are free games and that should never be ignored. And those free Xbox Games With Gold games which will be rolling to the accounts of Xbox Live Gold members over the next few weeks sit as follows…

You’ll find the first two titles in this list freely downloadable in the coming days. We’ll then be sure to remind you when it’s time to get in on the Mulaka and Samurai action. 

This does mean that if you haven’t yet taken home your free downloads from August, time is fast running out. Make sure you grab Yooka-Laylee, Darksiders III and Garou: Mark of the Wolves pretty sharpish. 

As always, let us know what you think of the latest batch of Xbox Games With Gold freebies by dropping into the comments. Is this month a good one for you?

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