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The hordes await in Sker Ritual

Sker Ritual keyart launch
Sker Ritual launches on Xbox, PlayStation, PC

Think of Wales Interactive and you’ll think of FMV. But today marks a departure to the norm, with launch of the wave based shooting of Sker Ritual. 

A cooperative, first person zombie survival shooter, Sker Ritual launches on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC, after spending a decent amount of time in PC early access. It lands in V1.0, ensuring that it comes with a huge overhaul of what has so far been present; new objectives, weapons, story and more. 

Zombie survival

Sker Ritual will see you attempting to get a grip on hordes of the most horrific of enemies, as you go alone, or join in four-player co-op. It’s Sker Island’s Quiet Ones who you should be wary of, gunning them down as you go. But you’ll also find the chance to grab some new godly powers, to upgrade your steampunky weapons and more.

The fate of Sker Island is – quite literally – in your hands. 

Priced at £19.99 for the Standard Edition, or £27.99 for the Deluxe Edition from the Xbox Store, you’ll discover four locations to traverse in Sker Ritual. Each of those will be jam packed with secrets, objectives and easter eggs. And ultimately it’ll also build on the tale found in the evil ending of the rather tasty Maid of Sker

Key features

  • Old-school round-based FPS action
  • Play solo or up-to 4-players online
  • Story continued from Maid of Sker ‘evil’ ending
  • Optional objectives & hidden Easter Eggs
  • Supercharged ‘Elites’ with unique abilities
  • Collect and enhance ‘Miracle’ powers
  • Explore free reward systems ‘Dread Levels’ and ‘Sker Pass’

Buy now!

Head over to the Xbox Store and grab a download of Sker Ritual on Xbox Series X|S right now. You won’t be able to play this on Xbox One though; it needs the power of the latest machines to run. Remember, there’s the Deluxe Edition to consider – it comes with more cosmetics than you’ll ever need…

You’ll also find it on PlayStation 5 and PC. 

Our full review of Sker Ritual is on the way. We’ll let you know how the horrors play out… 

Sker Ritual Xbox Description

An intense, round-based, zombie horror shooter by Wales Interactive. Play solo or up-to 4-players online, facing relentless waves of Quiet Ones whilst solving mysterious missions, uncovering Easter Eggs, upgrading steampunk weapons and obtaining Miracles — a vast network of Celtic God powers.

It’s 1914, and Elisabeth Williams has conquered Sker Island, now seeking domination with a broadcast of the Siren’s Song. Arianwen, her daughter, has opposed her, and after being mysteriously awakened, you must join her mission to thwart the broadcast and save the world from descending into hell.

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