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We’re constantly amazed by what a solo developer can achieve. From wonderful world-building to deep narratives, stunning visuals and tight controls, there is always something to pop up from the indie scene to surprise. The latest game to do just that is Omno. 

Created and run as a bit of a passion project by the solo developer Jonas Manke, helpfully funded via a Kickstarter campaign a few years back, Omno makes waves on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PC, with full Xbox Game Pass playability also in tow. 

Years in the making, Omno comes to console thanks to the indie publishing team of Future Friends, as they join forces with Manke to deliver a mysterious, yet wonderful, single player adventure. 

Priced at £14.99 unless you are making the most of the free Xbox Game Pass love, Omno promises to take you on a journey to the past, pushing out an ancient world that is rich for exploration. With no combat to worry about, this should come across as a bit of a curiosity affair, one that sees a sprinkling of puzzles dropped in. 

“I first started creating Omno just for fun – I mostly just wanted to make a world I could escape to after work,” said Jonas Manke, creator of Omno. “It was only after sharing some of the stuff I was making with friends and family that I thought maybe I could actually turn this into something people might actually want to play! Being here now, nearly 5 years later, with a successful Kickstarter campaign and a game about to launch on PC & consoles still feels like a dream to me.”

The key features of Omno on Xbox, PlayStation and PC include:

  • A journey to the past – Uncover a timeless story of sacrifice and self-discovery as you piece together the truth behind your pilgrimage.
  • An ancient world to explore – Make your way through dense, atmospheric landscapes, from jungles to deserts to islands in the sky.
  • A dynamic moveset – A former professional animator, Jonas brings the movement to life, as you fluidly run, glide, dash, surf and teleport through dazzling natural landscapes.
  • No combat, just curiosity – Peacefully bewitch and befriend a wide variety of mythical animals, from lively insects to hulking leviathans.
  • Perplexing puzzles – Think your way through an array of challenges to unlock a pathway to the light.

Our full review is live and will be able to delve into the mysteries that Omno delivers. Give it a read and then head over to the Xbox Store in order to take home a download on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. It’s fully playable through Game Pass as well as being present on PS4 and PC too.

Game Description:

A single-player journey of discovery through an ancient world of wonders. Full of puzzles, secrets and obstacles to overcome, where the power of a lost civilisation will carry you through forests, deserts and tundras – even to the clouds.

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