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Anyone familiar with Rocket League will know that whilst the choice of car isn’t an utterly essential part of finding success on the play field, it certainly helps – and so the introduction of the Octane ZSR Starter Pack, the Peregrine Pack and a host of in-game Credits should mean that there is no longer an excuse to take an L. 

Available to purchase right now, working lovingly with the base setup of Rocket League are two new DLC offerings – the Octane ZSR Starter Pack and the Peregrine Pack. 

Will start with the cheaper of the two options and the Octane ZSR Starter Pack pretty much does as you would expect to hear. Priced at a mere £3.75 this delivers instant access to the Octane ZSR car, some rather tasty black Nipper Wheels, the gorgeous Krackle Boost and Luminous Trail, along with the Funnybook Decal for the car itself. And just to make it an even more tempting proposition, you’ll find that 500 in-game Credits also become yours. 

Sitting neatly alongside the Octane ZSR is that of the Peregrine Pack. This is considerably more expensive – £15.00, in fact – but does give you full options in terms of the Peregrine TT car. This comes in a glorious Titanium white, and also has a new Meteor Storm Goal Explosion in the same colour dropping in for good measure. Further to that is the CNTCT-1 in Infinite Titanium White too. 

Further to that, the Peregrine Pack for Rocket League also includes no less than 1000 Credits, which in turn will let you customise things even more. 

Should you be a fan of Rocket League – and we’re right up there in that camp – and wish to expand your options a little more then it may well be worth considering a purchase of either the Octane ZSR Starter Pack or Peregrine Pack. 

Let us know in the comments which you decide to pick up. 

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