It’s like it was planned or something! The day that Titanfall 2 becomes free to play via the EA Access Vault, and what suddenly appears on the Xbox Games Store? The Ultimate Edition of Titanfall 2. Now that gives us a bit of a decision doesn’t it!

Available right now on Xbox One is Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition – the best way to experience one of the best shooters of 2016!

Priced at £34.99, with the usual 10% discount dropping that price down if you’re an EA Access member, Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition includes the base game, with all the jumping goodness that brings, everything else included in the original Digital Deluxe Edition – think Prime Titan variants and Warpaint – a Jump Start Pack to bring you straight up-to-date with the masses, a big old XP boost and some custom warpaint for the R-201 Carbine.

Now, on a normal day, this would be a great option for all those who haven’t yet delved into the world of Titanfall 2, giving them everything they would ever need in order for their experience to be the best it could possibly be. But today, the day when Titanfall 2 arrived for free on the EA Access Vault, means the decision is a bit tougher.

Do you go free? Or do you go all out for everything and get the Ultimate Edition of Titanfall 2? The choice is, as they say, completely yours. Just hop over to the Xbox Games Store if you’re going with the latter option.

Game Description:

The best way to jump into one of the most surprising shooters of 2016 is with the Titanfall™ 2 Ultimate Edition. Not only do you get access to all of the content included in the Digital Deluxe edition, this bundle also includes a Jump Start Pack which instantly unlocks all Titan and Pilot classes and arms you with the funds, Double XP tokens AND a custom warpaint skin for the R-201 Carbine all to get you up to speed on the Frontier. Ultimate Edition includes Titanfall™ 2 base game, Deluxe Edition content (Scorch & Ion Prime Titans, Deluxe Edition Warpaint for 6 Titans, Deluxe Edition Camo for all Titans, Pilots & Weapons, Deluxe Edition Nose Arts for 6 Titans, Deluxe Edition Callsign), and Jump-Starter content (All Titans unlocked, all Pilot tacticals unlocked, 500 tokens to unlock loadouts, cosmetics and gear, 10 2x XP tokens, the Underground R-201 Carbine Warpaint).

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