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With the quickfire release of GoldenEye 007 and the surprise of all surprises, Hi-Fi RUSH, the addition of two previously announced, slightly older games to the Game Pass service might seem like an anticlimax. But we’d encourage you to not equate older as worse, as these are two rather fantastic games. 

Out today on Game Pass is Darkest Dungeon (Console and PC) and GRID Legends (Console). As of the time of writing, Darkest Dungeon has popped onto the service, while we’re still awaiting the green light that GRID Legends is available. You could always get a session of Darkest Dungeon in before GRID Legends drops. 

Darkest Dungeon is old enough that we haven’t got a review on the site for it (perhaps we need to change that, Ed.?). Be reassured, though, that this influential 2D dungeon-crawling, turn-based and other-hyphenated-descriptions roguelike is well worth your time. Draft a team of warriors, sorcerers, assassins and others in an attempt to race to the bottom of bottomless dungeons. 

What makes the game special, outside of its moreish approach and gorgeously grim cel-shaded art style is how mean it is. You can barely take a few steps before your team gets afflicted with mental and physical ailments. It’s always a joy to explore dungeons with a team that has manic depression and dysentery. 

There’s no dysentery in GRID Legends. Think of the poor racing suits. Instead, what you get is a different kind of seat-of-your-pants, as high-octane racing comes from racing superstars, Codemasters. 

What did we say about it when it first came out? Plenty. We gave it a 4 out of 5 in review, saying “what this all amounts to is that GRID Legends is another great Codemasters racer. The story may be the main focus this time, but it’s the depth away from that which will appeal to the more hardened racer; in terms of that, Legends is far from lacking. Aside from the odd problem and a lack of really new tracks, GRID Legends proves that once again Codemasters know exactly how to make a racer.

Sounds like a perfect title for Game Pass, then: if longevity is the only issue, and there’s a rich campaign to experience, then this sounds like one to rinse and move on, before the other big hitters come in February. 

What are they, we hear you ask? Well, we have wind that they will be Hot Wheels Unleashed GOTY (Console/PC) on February 7th, and the marvellous looking Atomic Heart (TBD) on February 21st. Of those, Atomic Heart has our vote.

Leaving in February is Contrast, Dreamscaper and Telling Lies on February 3rd; Besiege, Edge of Eternity, Skul: The Hero Slayer, The Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom and Infernax on February 10th; Total War: Warhammer III on February 17th; Wreckfest on February 18th and Galactic Civilizations III on February 24th.

What’s your speed? Turn-based, or balls-to-the-wall racing? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

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