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Two returning artists contribute once more to the Rock Band 4 library!

rock band 4 riverboat gamblers

Rock Band fans are no stranger to downloadable content additions hitting the latest edition of their game, and this week is no different with a couple more tunes added to the library… from a duo of returning artists.

Available to purchase and download into Rock Band 4 right now are new tracks from Riverboat Gamblers and Sleater-Kinney, following on from previous content drops from both bands to expand the library further.

No strangers to adding their tunes to video games, Riverboat Gamblers see a tune arrive from their decade old ‘Underneath the Owl’ long-player, whilst Sleater-Kinney once more bring some American rock to the table, following on from the recent addition of ‘Jumpers‘ a couple of weeks back.

Priced up at £1.69 each are the following tunes…

If you wish to see either of these tracks added to your Rock Band 4 experience then you’ll need to get the usual course of action put in motion. If you are rocking out on Xbox One then the Xbox Store will sort you out with a download of either tune, while those on PS4, preferring to bring the band back together over there, will find the PlayStation Store more than happy to deliver the goods.

However you grab these latest tunes matters little though. Just open the wallet and prepare for some jamming sessions like no other.

If neither Sleater-Kinney or Riverboat Gamblers float your boat, make sure you check out the multitude of other Rock Band 4 DLC additions that have arrived over the weeks and months. Just be sure to let us know what you decide to pick up – the comments section is down below and we’re available on all the usual social channels.

You can also find us chatting about all things Rock Band in the very first episode of TheXboxHub Official Podcast. In fact, we named Rock Band 3 as our game of ‘October 2010’. Make sure you have a listen.

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