Vertagear 800 series gaming chair

We’ve long been fans of a gaming chair; our gaming sessions changing for the good whenever we drop into a premium offering. Vertagear are looking to provide new options for those looking to plonk themselves into the comfort of such a seat, launching their new 800 Series to the world.

Just as Vertagear go about celebrating its 7th anniversary, comes the special launch of one of its latest update products line: the Vertagear 800 Series.

Sold as a bold step towards a revolutionary future of ergonomics, the 800 Series chairs aims to tackle core health and comfort-related issues; something that Vertagear think is plaguing the industry-standard gaming chair. You see, having been in development since 2019 with countless man hours poured into research and testing, the new refresh lineup comes with all the bells and whistles, fully equipped with Vertagear’s patent-pending ContourMax™ and VertaAir™ Seat. It’s with those that it promises to tailor itself to each individual’s specific needs to maximize comfort and healthy posture.

Many will see this as marketing speak, but the ContourMax™ Lumbar is Vertagear’s groundbreaking new lumbar support that alleviates tension throughout your body by dynamically contouring itself to your back’s shape and movement. This means it is capable of keeping you in a healthy posture no matter how long you sit gaming. With the ContourMax™, Vertagear looks to prevent pain and health concerns before they become an issue.

They’ve paired this with Vertagear’s latest innovation: The VertaAir™ Seat. A new seat, this boasts features that improve support, comfort and relieves chronic back pain. It’s powered by a waterfall, wide seat design, distributing pressure evenly across your thighs, knees, and lower body to prevent blockage of blood circulation throughout your legs. Further to that, the new seat is embedded with no less than eight hexagonal air pillars, inspired by Bernoulli’s Principle, designed with smaller air intake tunnels and 4-way air emission tunnels to provide pressure relief for your sit bones and support a healthy back.

“The 800 Series is our way of fulfilling our promise to our customers. We engineer our chairs with the health and comfort of every person at the top of our minds, and our new lineup is the epitome of that promise.” — Mike Ma, Founder & CEO of Vertagear

You’ll find the new Vertagear 800 Series gaming chairs available to preorder at Vertagear direct. It starts at $379.99 and comes with four new models specifically designed for various heights and weights.

We’ve found ourselves adoring our SecretLab Titan and Noblechairs Hero seats, but if you’re in the market for a new option, Vertagear is definitely looking like one to consider.

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