wargroove xbox one launch

‘War’ and ‘Groove’ aren’t typically two words you would place together – even coming across as slightly oxymoronic – but that hasn’t stopped developers Chucklefish, with them calling their latest Xbox One offering, Wargroove – and it’s available right now.

The ‘War’ part of this game follows a turn-based strategy system, taking heavy inspiration from games such as Advance Wars and Fire Emblem, featuring easy to learn but difficult to master gameplay. You take control of your army that features a wide variety of different units and must take over towns whilst driving back enemy forces. The more towns you control, the more funds you have to build your army.

The ‘Groove’ part is a special move that each commander has; a unique move that can only be unleashed when their Groove meter is full, hopefully turning the tide in your favour. Whether it be a healing spell on your units or summoning supernatural forces, each commander has their own unique groove.

Wargroove on Xbox One features over 50+ hours of single player content including a campaign mode where a young Queen faces otherworldly forces, a puzzle mode where each map must be completed in one turn, and the chance to hop into the arcade mode, with more fast-paced Wargroove action.

There is also a robust multiplayer option – both locally and online – for up to four players! But don’t worry if you cannot find a time and/or place to meet up, as Wargroove allows players to play asynchronously.

If all that wasn’t enough, you can even design and share your own battlefields online for other players to try and reclaim!

All this can be done on both your Xbox One and PC as Wargroove is an Xbox Play Anywhere title too, and when you take all this into account, it seems like a very tempting proposition. With all this, a tiny install size coming in at around 283MB, and a generous price tag at the Xbox Store of £16.24, Wargroove is one game we are hugely looking forward to spending some time with.

Let us know in the comments below if you are too, and keep an eye out for our review. It’s on the way real soon!

Game description:

Command an army, customize battlefields, and challenge your friends, in this richly detailed return to retro turn-based combat! When war breaks out in the Kingdom of Cherrystone, the young Queen Mercia must flee her home. Pursued by her foes, the only way to save her kingdom is travel to new lands in search of allies. But who will she meet along the way, and what sinister challenges will she face?

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