We’ve all heard the rumours, but today the indie team at Fatshark have given a bit of confirmation – Warhammer Vermintide 2 is coming!

A visually stunning, ground breaking melee action title, Vermintide 2 promises to push all the boundaries of the first person cooperative genre. Following on from the original Vermintide, the sequel will introduce us to a new enemy faction – the dark, bloody and twisted Chaos – and it’ll be coming to both Xbox One and PS4.

15 new heroes have also been promised, as have new environments, skill trees and the Heroic Deeds System.

If you want more details, then it looks like you’re going to have to hold tight until 2018 is in place, at which point console pre-orders will begin. If you’re a PC player though, then you should be heading to Steam in order to get your money down.

“Although speculations have been correct all along, today we are happy to start talking more console specifics as the Xbox One and PlayStation versions have been confirmed” says Martin Wahlund, CEO of Fatshark.

Interested parties may also like to know that two rather nifty little URLs have been created. Beta sign up anyone? http://www.vermintide.com/ps4-beta – http://www.vermintide.com/xbox-beta

Let us know your thoughts in that comments section below!

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3 years ago

The first is one of the best games games with gold ever had

3 years ago

its 15 hero professions not new heroes

Reply to  DrunkSuperman
3 years ago

The Official Vermintide II website has them down as Heroes – http://www.vermintide.com/news/ (check Hero Showcase)