It promises to bring an untamed world that is full of customisation, combos and competitive multiplayer. But before the release of Bless Unleashed on Xbox One, Bandai Namco will be running a beta, and today they’ve confirmed exactly when that will take place.

Running as an open beta for anyone to join, Xbox One gamers will be able to get a first taste of what Bless Unleashed has to offer between the 7th-21st November 2019. Intended to give an introduction to the goals and objectives of the final game, it’ll give us the chance to choose from a myriad of different classes and races, honing skills and attempting to save the world of Lumios from a dark and mysterious threat.

Bless Unleashed will come with a variety of gameplay options as standard, and with Unreal Engine 4 behind it, it promises to be something pretty special. That open beta looks to be pretty cool too, giving the chance to play solo or dive deep into the vast array of dungeons and raids with a team of friends. You may need them too, as taking on the most fearsome of enemies will provide a challenge for even the mightiest of warriors.

Will you be dropping in to the open beta for Bless Unleashed on Xbox One in order to challenge the gods and attempt to survive against all odds? Let us know in the comments or via the usual social channels. Basically put though, if you’re after a new hardcore MMO that comes with a deep narrative, plenty of PvE and PvP opportunities and a near endless amount of content, Bless Unleashed will certainly be a game for you. In fact, it promises to be one of the most stunning MMORPGs to come to console yet. Here’s hoping things work out well!

If you wish to know more about the game, check out our exclusive interview with the director of development behind it.

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