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Zen Studios have a mission for you – and this one is pretty massive! After releasing a whole host of Star Wars themed tables for their Pinball title, it’s now time to embrace Rogue One.

Available to download right now on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PC, Amazon, iOS, Android and PS Vita, the Rogue One table for Zen Studios Pinball title (that’ll be Pinball FX 2 on Xbox), brings no less than ten new story related game modes, each of which comes complete with its own playfield toys. You’ll find yourself avoiding Stormtroopers, engaging in firefights and evading the footsteps of the mighty AT-ACT. You’ll also get the chance to help out our heroes in the U-Wing, before facing off against Orson Krennic in an intense multiball mode.

We may have seen numerous Star Wars themed content tables from Zen in the past, but this one looks ever so exciting.

It’s priced at just £3.19 and you can pick it up right now from the Xbox Games Store or, if you’re playing on other formats, your store of choice. We’ll have a full review for you shortly but with the rich history behind Zen and their tables, if you’re a fan of Star Wars, then this one seems like a no-brainer.

DLC Description:

We have a mission for you. The Empire is testing a major weapon and we need to know how to destroy it. You have been recruited to a small band of rebel fighters to restore hope to the galaxy.Table features: – Rogue One’s adventures unfold in 10 story-related game modes, each with completely different playfield toys. – Avoid stormtrooper detection in stealth missions! – Engage in firefights and close combat in action-oriented game modes! – Face Orson Krennic and his death troopers in an intense multiball mode! – Try to evade the footsteps of the mighty stomping AT-ACT walker! – Assist the heroes by navigating the U-wing or by shooting down TIE strikers as the ship’s gunner!

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