Elite Dangerous continues to evolve and today Frontier Developments have confirmed that Horizons 2.3 – The Commanders AND a free update will be delivering new content and experiences for all players.

Arriving today on Xbox One and PC is Elite Dangerous: Horizons 2.3 – The Commanders, the fourth update in the Elite Dangerous: Horizons season of expansions. The Commanders drops in Multicrew co-op play, the Holo-Me avatar creator, a new Dolphin passenger vessel, an all-new third-person camera suite, cavernous Asteroid Bases and awe-inspiring Mega Ships.

Multicrew co-op in The Commanders will allow groups of players the opportunity to fly aboard the same ship, with each assuming one of three specialized roles. At the Helm is the pilot of the ship, with the Gunner handling the secondary firing groups from a third-person tactical viewpoint. The Fighter meanwhile will fly into battle from the cockpit of their own ship-launched fighter deployed from the mother ship’s launch bay. Benefiting from precision firepower and additional control, multicrewed ships will give all Commanders a vital edge in combat, allowing each and every one who play a part to share in the huge rewards on offer.

Also arriving is the Holo-Me – Elite Dangerous: Horizons’ new Commander creator and editor. This will let you create a unique face and physical appearance for your in-game avatar, with an amazing array of options at launch, allowing every Commander to become instantly recognizable with just a glance across your ship’s bridge in Multicrew, or in a very close fly-by out in the massively multiplayer galaxy.

But that’s not all as by popular request, Elite Dangerous’ new Camera Suite gives players total control over a third-person camera for screenshots, film-making and a whole new view on the Elite Dangerous galaxy.

To join the Commanders is Update 1.8 for Elite Dangerous, something which will offer new sights, experiences and a host of gameplay improvements throughout the entire galaxy. A new stop off point for those Commanders who wish to explore will see Starports carved into asteroids, whilst Mega Ships will dwarf even the mightiest capital ships, offering one of the galaxy’s mightiest man-made spectacles. Furthermore, updates to the mission system will unlock chained missions allowing players to progress through all-new quests.

If you’re an Elite Dangerous player, but haven’t taken to the stars for a while, then today’s updates should surely be enough to drag you back in. Let us know if you’re one of those by posting in the comments below.

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