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There are a ton of tank-themed titles kicking around on the Xbox Store. World of Tanks is the biggy, but then there are many more smaller shooting experiences present – Retro Tanks, Attack of the Toy Tanks, Of Tanks and Demons and the brilliantly named Tanky Tanks, for four. We can add another into the mix now though as Tank Brawl 2: Armor Fury rolls out for action. 

Present and correct in the Xbox Store line up, Tank Brawl 2: Armor Fury comes from those at Phung Games and Thunder Cloud Studio to provide a new take on standard tank action. Priced at £12.49, this is an epic 4-player cooperative armor shooter that will let you and your mates – both locally and online – work as a team in order to navigate a world full of enemies.   

With a solo survival mode also present, the main take of Tank Brawl 2 is to combine your vehicle and driver classes in such a way that you are able to make the biggest and best machines, with deep RPG elements helping ensure things stay fresh. You’ll be found driving all manner of vehicle too – not just tanks – as you take in the promise of an interesting story full of intriguing characters.

Features include:

  • Up to 4 players online, shared screen, split screen co-op
  • Fight on both land and sea
  • 5 vehicles and 4 drivers each with a unique upgrade path, includes: Tank, Giant mech, Rocket launcher.
  • Destructible environment include houses, fences, props .etc.
  • Innovative, balanced mix of fighting and platforming gameplay.
  • Interesting and varied enemies includes suicide bombers, battle cruisers, trains, ramming tank, laser tank, trucks carrying troops .etc.
  • Continuous world with no loading screen.
  • Survival mode leaderboard. 

We’re not quite sure that we can stand by Phung Games’ quote that Tank Brawl 2: Armor Fury will be ‘the best tank game ever that will be remembered 30 years from now‘, but we’re happy to be corrected on that one – keep an eye out for our full review of Tank Brawl 2 on Xbox going live in the days ahead. 

For now though the Xbox Store will play host to the download you are looking for. Blast your way over there, grab the game and enjoy everything that Tank Brawl 2: Armor Fury is able to deliver. 

Game Description:

An epic 4 player co-op armor shooter with RPG upgrade system and fully destructible world. You can control both land and sea vehicles or even a Mecha, which can be combined with 4 drivers to create different classes to fight a fast paced epic battle with monstrous tanks, trains and battle cruisers! The world has a balanced mix of platforming and shooting gameplay, together with many creative features. You will need to navigate tricky terrains, avoid being tricked by some smart imposter, dodge enemy ramming tanks, run away from hordes of suicide bombers, avoid being squashed by falling rocks or helping your friendly army win a battle. There is also a solo survival mode where you compete for top spots in the world leaderboard.

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