Melissa Etheridge

Since the turn of the year the Rocksmith library has expanded in more ways than one. With a bit of country kicking things off, the iconic John Mellencamp providing further tunes, and Green Day celebrating their awesome latest longplayer with the inclusion of ‘Father of All…‘ for Rocksmith players, it’s been a great few months. Today though the quality continues to drop, with a triple offering of tunes coming from Melissa Etheridge. 

While not perhaps having the same instant status as some of those previously mentioned, the arrival of Etheridge’s tunes into the Rocksmith ranks is sure to be one that her fans will flock to. With a couple of tracks coming straight from her ‘Yes I am’ LP, and another from a couple of years later, the Rocksmith Melissa Etheridge Song Pack contains…

  • I’m the only one
  • Come to my window
  • I want to come over

Any veterans of the Rocksmith scene will know what to expect from these tunes. With an individual price tag of £2.49 attached to each song, and then the full song pack setting us back £6.69, this latest DLC drop for the faster guitar tutor in the gaming scene is certainly not going to break the bank, and that means it’s just about in ‘punt territory’ for anyone sat on the fence.

Whilst you’re going to need a copy of Rocksmith to hand on either Xbox or PlayStation prior to consideration of the Melissa Etheridge Song Pack, with that in hand the next step is to head straight to the Xbox Store (Xbox One and Xbox 360), or the PlayStation Store for those preferring the other side of the format war.

Let us know if you decide to grab this latest Rocksmith content add-on or not. The comments section is down below and we’d love to hear from you.

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