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If you’re a multi-format gamer, one who adores a bit of PUBG, you’d have already discovered the latest update for the game; if only as it hit PC very recently. Now though that update has come to console, with players given the chance to take in the joys of the Crazy Night Survivor Pass, new weapons, additional vehicles and weather patterns, along with some amends to the overall gameplay system. 

Rolling out today for PUBG on Xbox and PlayStation, is Update 13.2. Having dropped onto PC on September 8th, it’s now on console and brings forth some rather tasty new ideas. 

Most notably is the arrival of Survivor Pass: Crazy Night. Running until the beginning of November this gives access to a ton of new rewards – stuff like a new Contraband Coupon, Name Plate and Spray – all with the usual 50 levels of goodies present. If you’re a PUBG nut, this is a sure-fire way of enhancing the base game and giving you something to aim for. 

Following on from the original Update 13 drop, Update 13.2 brings more and whilst a few little changes kick in to the TAEGO map, with the inclusion of the Porter; a new Hyundai pick up that replaces the UAZ and can hold up to 4 players at once.  Further to that is a Trunk system, letting you store some items in the vehicle, transporting goodies across the map in style. Of course, should the Porter get destroyed, you’ve lost that kit, but stay safe and keep hidden (or preferred way of playing PUBG), you’re in for a cool little ride. 

There’s also the addition of the Blue Zone Grenade which causes damage to everything around it up to 10 metres, more than capable of dragging camping foes out of the tightest of buildings, whilst both Sunset and Overcast weather patterns emerge onto the map to bring a unique look and feel. 

But there’s more included and a Casual Mode will let you play with a little less intensity, taking in up to 3 Casual matches a day, you’ll be able to earn XP, BP and complete event missions. Just be aware this is limited to Erangel only. Throw in a new P90 SMG and Update 13.2 ain’t too bad at all. 

Of course, you’ll need a copy of PUBG to hand prior to being able to enjoy what the latest update brings, but with that on Xbox Game Pass and fully playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, there’s no real reason to not have a copy. 

Let us know in the comments which of the newest ideas and additions are of interest to you. 

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