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Observer: System Redux hits Xbox One and PS4

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The futuristic horror experience of Observer initially released in 2017 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. In November 2020 the game received a System Redux upgrade for the Xbox Series X|S, PS5 and PC, which bought next-gen optimisations to the game along with a handful of other improvements. Now, Xbox One and PS4 players can make their way back to the world of Observer with that System Redux edition in tow, all available digitally and physically.

Observer: System Redux is currently available on the Xbox Store and the PlayStation Store for £24.99. The game is also available on PC via Steam for £23.79.

Observer: System Redux is set in a dystopian, cyberpunk version of 2084, after a digital plague infected and killed swaths of people and a war that shattered every corner of the globe. As if war and plague wasn’t enough, corporate empires took advantage of these power vacuums for their own gain.

These leads to the beginning of the game. Players take control of Daniel Lazarski, voiced by the late, iconic Rutger Hauer. Lazaski is an investigator, an Observer, hacking into the minds of suspects, infiltration their psyche to hunt for clues and evidence. Their feelings, fears, dreams and memories will all help you solve your case. But beware, reliving your suspects darkest moments isn’t for the weak hearted. The further you go, the greater the risk of losing your own sanity.

If you hesitated on trying Observer on its initial release, System Redux may do enough to change your mind. The rerelease offers new mechanics and secrets, redesigned stealth, quality of life improvements and added content. System Redux also include three new side-cases to solve, titled “Errant Signal”, “Her Fearful Symmetry”, and “It Runs in the Family”.

Observer: System Redux also included additional enhancements such as ray-tracing and 4K support when it launched on the shiny Series X|S, PS5 and PC. However, these technical improvements will, sadly, not be available for Xbox One and PS4 buyers.

Features include:

  • BECOME A NEURAL DETECTIVE – You play as Daniel Lazarski, an elite investigator of the future portrayed by late cyberpunk icon Rutger Hauer. As an Observer, you hack into the minds of suspects to extract clues and evidence. Anything they felt, thought, or remembered can and will be used to solve your case.
  • EAT THEIR DREAMS – Using a device known as the Dream Eater, hack into the minds of the dead and dying to relive their final moments, to explore their fears and obsessions. Delve into these twisted neural mazes and search for clues that will help you find the elusive killer. But beware: the deeper you go, the greater the risk of losing your own sanity.
  • TAKE IN THE ATMOSPHERE OF 2084 – Enter a world ravaged by war and cyber-plague, where life is cheap and hope is scarce. Where most people will do anything to escape their grim existence. Virtual realities, mind-altering drugs, neural implants – pick your poison and drift away into a blissful oblivion. But remember, no matter how deep you go, you can never hide from an Observer.

We were terrified in all the best ways by System Redux. We enjoyed its “engaging and relentless story”, high quality audio and visual design, extreme and horrifying immersion and the game’s commitment to improving its original release when we played it on Xbox Series X|S. Now though, the chance is there for Xbox One and PS4 players too.

If you’re a fan of Observer, be sure to check out Bloober teams other games including Blair Witch and The Medium, which recently became playable through the Cloud, thanks to Xbox Game Pass.

Game Description:

The year is 2084. In a dark cyberpunk world shattered by plagues and wars, become a neural police detective and hack into the jagged minds of others. Make use of anything they felt, thought, or remembered to solve the case and catch the elusive killer.

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