Doom Eternal Series 4 Cosmetic Pack

If you were unable to play DOOM Eternal during its latest Series Four event – Hack to the Future – then worry no more as the unlockables are now available for purchase in a neat little bundle.

Available for purchase right now from the Xbox Store, the DOOM Eternal: Series 4 Cosmetic Pack will cost you £7.39 for over 12 new cosmetic items. Included in this is the “Retro” Revenant Master Collection which has both the “Fiend” and “Ghoul” Skin Variant, a very nostalgic looking Upgradeable “Classic” Podium, as well as new Revenant podium animations.

That’s not all though as there are a host of new skins for enemies and guns to use in both campaign and BATTLEMODE and can even show them off in Photo Mode. This latest pack includes the following skins:

  • “Demoncide” Slayer
  • “Nightfire” Marauder
  • “Blue Flame” Archvile
  • “Circuit Board Chaingun”
  • “Maykr Combat Shotgun”
  • “Still Good” Icon
  • “Ghostpepper” Icon
  • “Sprite Master” Icon
  • “Retro Revenant” Nameplate
  • “Pixel Warrior” Nameplate
  • “Pixel Master” Nameplate

And many more. I spied a floppy disk icon in that lot somewhere which will be iconic to many of us that played the original DOOM way back in 1993! That Classic Podium also hits right in the feels as it really encapsulates the aesthetic of the original, complete with Doomguy looking a bit worse for wear.

If none of these tickle your fancy though, there have been plenty of other cosmetic packs released for DOOM Eternal: the DOOMicorn Master Collection and the Rip and Tear packs are our favourites. Each pack allows you to completely customise your DOOM Eternal experience to how you would like. It doesn’t however, make those damn Marauders any easy!

Like what you see here? As always, let us know in the comments if you will be picking up and which is your favourite piece. Even those nameplates look pretty fancy!

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