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Over the last few weeks many gamers have fast become accustomed to staying at home, mostly with a controller in hand. Helping pass the time by playing games is something we should all be doing and so we’ve teamed up with the guys at Raw Fury to provide another code giveaway, giving you the chance to expand your Xbox One digital library with new titles. This time around you could be winning free code for Kingdom Two Crowns on Xbox One.

Kingdom Two Crowns first released on Xbox One back in 2018, yet it has just recently received a bit of a makeover, with the addition of Dead Lands – a Bloodstained crossover expansion. Seems to us that there has never been a better time to get involved in what the game has to offer.

Having also debuted on iOS and Android, Kingdom Two Crowns runs the micro-strategy route as you play the role of a monarch who is looking to build up their kingdom, recruiting loyal subjects and amasses a shed load of coins. Beating back greedy creatures intent on taking you down is par for the course, and with Dead Lands arriving too, a whole new dark setting comes into play.

Sounds good eh? So about about you go about trying to win a copy of Kingdom Two Crowns on Xbox One? That’s where we come in and by hitting up the Gleam competition widget below you will find yourself given all manner of opportunity to take home a code for the game on Xbox One. It’s free to enter, so get involved, and make sure you tell your mates. This giveaway will run until the end of Sunday 3rd May 2020 and remember, the more options you choose from the widget below, the better your chances of winning one of the multiple codes we have.

Kingdom Two Crowns – Xbox One code giveaway

Once this giveaway is over we’ll be sure to contact the relevant winners via email. And then we’ll have another, for a totally different Raw Fury Xbox One game starting up soon after.

These giveaway codes have come about thanks to the generosity of the team at Raw Fury, and Kingdom Two Crowns is the second of our giveaways – Mosaic being the first. Expect more to come soon too, with competitions for Dandara โ€“ Trials of Fear Edition and Bad North upcoming. Weโ€™ll also have an as-yet-unannounced extra special one coming up later too. Keep an eye out for the competitions for each of those starting soon. 

Good luck and remember โ€“ #stayhomeplaygames

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